ARTOS Lambda – Series (Lambda 1 and Lambda 2) is a wire cloth with different structures on the front and rear sides. The fabric is defined by the cams on one side and the completely smooth surface on the other. It is rigid in weft cable direction and flexible in warp direction. Lambda is suitable for partition walls, ceiling coverings, protection against the sun, or in trade fair booths. With a denser weave it can also be used as floor decking.



Stainless steel Standard V4A

(Option V2A possible)

In the German-speaking world, two different blanket terms are used for VA stainless steels. The two most common are “V2A” and “V4A.” Both grades are found in all ARTOS products.


V2A Stainless Steel

(alternative designations: product no. 1.4301, AISI 304, and X5CrNi18/10)


A commonly used stainless steel found in everyday applications, e.g., metal construction, such as vehicles and sinks, and in the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.


NOTE: V2A should not be used in coastal environments (due to salty air and drifting sand), in metropolitan areas (due to acid rain caused by smog), or in swimming pools (due to the high chlorine content of the surroundings). Only V4A materials are suitable for these applications.


V4A Stainless Steel

(alternative designations: product no. 1.4404, AISI 316L, and X2CrNiMo17-12-2)


Similar to V2A stainless steel but is additionally alloyed with 2% Mo. This makes the stainless steel more resistant to corrosion in chloride-containing media. V4A stainless steel is used in saltwater, swimming pools, and the chemical industry.


Open area

50.60 % free area

The specification “light transmittance TL in accordance with DIN EN 410” applies to the wavelength range of 380–780 nm for visible light. It is weighted according to the brightness perceived by the human eye and given as a percentage. With the absolute reference of 100%, e.g., a wall opening is meant.


Fall protection

Product can be used as a fall protection.



max. 8.50 m web width

  • Cut to size, weld or fasten cable ends.
  • The Fabric end can be clamped with two flat iron bars or equipped with larger round bars. For this, every second cable end is formed into a loop into which a larger round bar is inserted for fastening purposes.

Sub construction

Clevis brackets

Brackets for round bars

Frame | Tenter

The fabric must be stretched in the warp direction.


Betastrasse Munich /Germany

A further office building was erected in 2003 in Munich’s media center that wants to successfully integrate itself into an ensemble of high quality modern architecture. The task was to combine simple functionality on the one hand with the ambient qualities of a modern and unconventional exterior on the other. For this reason, the Munich Architects Denk, Mauder, Wisiol & Altenberend decided on a high-grade steel fabric for the paneling of the staircase on the exterior. As it is located on the north side of the building and no light reflections could be expected that would support the impression of a surface, the choice fell on a rather closed fabric of the ARTOS® lambda type, which defines the form of the building’s structure on the one hand, but still allows the function to be recognized thanks to its semi-transparency.



The fabric facade should be applied as closely as possible to the steel construction between the side glazing and the staircase and should end about 50 mm above the reinforced concrete base. These prerequisites did not allow for the use of tension springs because the distance to the steel construction or the reinforced concrete base would have to be enlarged. A pressure spring console that met these requirements was developed especially for this project. The curtain was to encompass the length of all stories. Only in the height of the ceilings was it to be held back by a flat material construction. All of the joinings were made flexible in order to compensate for length differences due to varying exterior temperatures. The following factors had to be taken into consideration in measuring the pressure spring consoles:


  • The tension necessary to guarantee that the fabric will not beat against the steel construction during high winds. The openness of the fabric is not taken into consideration here because the entire surface of this type of fabric can completely ice over during the winter months, resulting in a tension of ca. two tons for each fabric curtain.
  • Difference in fabric length during various external temperatures. Because the tension should remain as constant as possible, a spring with the appropriate spring consistency must be chosen. This spring was developed and manufactured especially for this project.

In order to guarantee the long-lasting functionality of the console, it was equipped with layers of Teflon.


Range of services:


  1. Complete technical planning including static.
  2. Delivery of fabric sheets that were made to measure in advance, the pressure spring console and the round rods.
  3. Installation supervision



Vogelsangerweg Düsseldorf / Germany

Fabric of the type Lambda 1 for the wall covering of an office building in Düsseldorf / Germany.

Main administration building of the Luxemburg post office

Customer area of the main administration building of the Luxemburg post office. In this project, the fabric was used to accent the interior support as well as a room divider.



Data sheet

CAD object

Tender specification

ARTOS Lambda 1