ARTOS Sigma – Series (Sigma 1 – Sigma 6) is a fabric with high translucency, flexible in the direction of the warp and stiff in the other direction. Variable in its weave ability with 2, 3 or 4 warps and customizable in the mesh size, you can reach a great range of openness. Suitable for wall- or ceiling coverings, on facades or as sun protection, as well as for banister fillings or balconies.



Stainless steel Standard V4A

(Option V2A possible)

In the German-speaking world, two different blanket terms are used for VA stainless steels. The two most common are “V2A” and “V4A.” Both grades are found in all ARTOS products.


V2A Stainless Steel

(alternative designations: product no. 1.4301, AISI 304, and X5CrNi18/10)


A commonly used stainless steel found in everyday applications, e.g., metal construction, such as vehicles and sinks, and in the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.


NOTE: V2A should not be used in coastal environments (due to salty air and drifting sand), in metropolitan areas (due to acid rain caused by smog), or in swimming pools (due to the high chlorine content of the surroundings). Only V4A materials are suitable for these applications.


V4A Stainless Steel

(alternative designations: product no. 1.4404, AISI 316L, and X2CrNiMo17-12-2)


Similar to V2A stainless steel but is additionally alloyed with 2% Mo. This makes the stainless steel more resistant to corrosion in chloride-containing media. V4A stainless steel is used in saltwater, swimming pools, and the chemical industry.


Open area

66.40 % free area

The specification “light transmittance TL in accordance with DIN EN 410” applies to the wavelength range of 380–780 nm for visible light. It is weighted according to the brightness perceived by the human eye and given as a percentage. With the absolute reference of 100%, e.g., a wall opening is meant.


Fall protection

Product can be used as a fall protection.



max. 8.50 m web width

  • Cut to size, weld or fasten cable ends.
  • By default, larger round bars are introduced into the fabric for fastening purposes. Alternatively, the fabric can be clamped with two flat iron bars.

Sub construction

Clevis brackets

Brackets for round bars

The fabric must be stretched in the warp direction.


New Bangkok International Airport / Thailand

Architect: Murphy Jahn


Thanks to a persuasive design, Murphy Jahn was able to win an international architectural competition for the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.


During a later realisation phase, the ARTOS team was able to convince the Thai customers with competent technical consulting as well as its newly developed reinforcement technology.


Innovative reinforcement points that totally meet the terms of the on-site mounting conditions ensuring the great advantages regarding undamaged delivery were especially developed for this product. In two construction phases, the airport’s energy central as well as the two multi-storied car parks were covered with over 10,000 m² of ARTOS Sigma 2 stainless steel material.


One hundred and fifty lengths of material totalling more than one half kilometre were spanned over the entire 18-meter high building. Surprising few upper hanging positions were required for the total structure. Equidistant intermediate holders set up at ceiling level take up the horizontal loads caused by the wind. The material is a custom-made Sigma 2, which was woven in accordance with the grid designed by architects based on the building’s axis measurements.


The textile facade surrounds the structure with a shimmering glow in spite of its great transparency, providing the functional building with a homogenous monolithic character and well as the emphasis necessary to allow it to make a visual impression along side the lofty airport hall. Along with the project development and the on-site technical consultation, the ARTOS team realised the construction of the facade system with innovative detail solutions.

Park House Gänsemarkt Hamburg Dammtorwall / Germany

In a prominent location opposite the Hamburg State Opera, behind the SIDE Hotel, GRS (Reimer + Partner) architects realised one of Hamburg’s most modern multi-storied car parks.


Particularly the comfortable parking spaces, the modern navigation system that directs drivers to the next free parking space in addition to wide-ranging security features make up the structure’s qualitative usefulness.


Special attention was given to the facade because of its representational location. The favoured alternative calling for a combination of a metal weave screen was also the version that was finally realized.


Because of the large solid ceramic areas, a weave with enough permeability had to be used to attain a ventilation average providing suitable fire protection.


A custom-made material based on our ARTOS Sigma 2 providing the required permeability was achieved by enlarging the breathing space between the woofs.

Hans Grohe office building / Germany

Fabric of the type Sigma 2 for the exterior covering of an office building for the company Hans Grohe in Germany.

Harrisburg International Airport / USA

6000 m² exterior facade. A special aspect of the project is the vaulted section of the exterior facade. A technical challenge was covering the vaulted sub construction with the fabric.

Bowling Center Böblingen

Around 210m² of sigma 2 were used for that project.


The architectural aim was to achieve a dynamic look in correspondence to the sportive character of the facility.


Due to the flexibility of the fabric it was possible to realise a wave form with hardly visible fixing elements.


Each of the panel has width of 2,5m and a length of 12m.


Range of services:

  1. Design of sub-construction.
  2. Delivery of the processed fabric and the sub-construction.
  3. Installation of the whole ceilin

Observation platform Berlin Wall

Architects: Zerr Hapke Nieländer Architekten, Berlin



Renovation of the community rooms of the “conciliation-community” and the construction of an observation platform for the documentation center of the Berlin Wall.


The observation tower is covered with the wire-mesh type Sigma 2 related to the high-grade steel covering of the memorial. The fabric is stretched over a structurally complex diagonal and bended construction made of steel-profiles. In the interior of the staircase, Sigma 3 fabric was utilized as railing filling.


Range of services:

  1. Delivery of the fabric.
  2. Technical and structural consulting during the engineering of the complex sub-construction.



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