We would be happy to assist you with your construction project!

According to the clients whishes or needs the following services are possible:


  • Consultation in selecting of most optimal fabric type for each application.
  • Development of leading-details (material related to application-type) in cooperation with the planners and considering the structural engineering.
  • All necessary design-drawings down to shop-drawings for all sub-constructions.
  • Formulation and preparation of tendering-documents.
  • Providing of an auditable structural-engineering
  • For large projects: model-bay construction in one of ANDRITZ Kufferath’s plants.
  • Written installation method-statement.
  • Supervision of the installation-works.
  • Useful downloads can be found further down on this page!

In individual cases and if the project contextually and geographically allows for it: Installation of the whole system including all necessary sub-constructions.



Data sheet

CAD object

Tender specification


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ARTOS Beta 2

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ARTOS Sigma 1

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